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Accompanying children

Did you know that when your child requires dental care, your dentist will be able to explain the procedure in a language suitable for him?

Do not give him too much information about the upcoming appointment, this will avoid the anxiety that we often notice when the children have been too "prepared" for the appointment in question, we will accompany him properly!

Coughs and fevers

If you have cough and / or fever, please let us know when you arrive at our office or by phone before your arrival.

When you arrive at the Gendron Delisle Dental Health Center, wash your hands with the hydro-alcoholic solution and put on a mask.

Your state may require us to postpone your appointment to a later date.

If you have traveled overseas recently, let the secretary know when you arrive.

Can we whiten our teeth with lemon juice?

The beauty reflex of soaking one's toothbrush in lemon juice can produce the desired reverse effect.

Indeed, the lemon attacks the enamel and attacks the protective envelope of the tooth.

As a result, the teeth stain more durably when you consume coloring foods, such as coffee, tea, wine or berries.

In addition, in contact with lemon juice, the gums retract and expose the nerve endings, which leads to hypersensitivity to hot and cold.

For quality whitening that preserves your teeth, ask us for advice.

We will proceed in a safe way by adapting ourselves to the quality of your teeth and we will inform you on the level of whiteness that you will be able to obtain.

Preventive dental care

Did you know that regular dental preventive care can save you money?

Indeed, early diagnosis is often associated with simpler and less expensive dental treatments. Waiting frequently causes a situation to deteriorate and the therapeutic solutions of your teeth are often more complex.

Xylitol, a tooth-friendly sugar

A natural sugar that looks like table sugar, can be used to sweeten food, raises blood sugar very little, does not make you fat, and reduces the risk of caries ... Yes, it does exist: Xylitol .

This sugar, derived from birch bark, has a glycemic index (GI) of 7 against 70 for table sugar. It is therefore much less harmful for diabetics and helps fight against weight gain since it is very low in calories. Indeed, it should be known that it contains half as much absorbable carbohydrates as sugar.

And above all, it has the property to reduce the risk of caries by destroying the bacteria that attack the tooth enamel (Streptococcus mutans). It can therefore be used in caries prevention.

How does it work against cavities?
It should be known that caries occur when the enamel of your teeth is attacked by acid produced by bacteria that are present in your mouth. These bacteria, called "Streptococcus mutans", feed on glucose to produce this acid.

The process of evolution to caries is slow and pernicious. Every day the teeth become fragile in contact with acidity. At first, the decay will be colorless and therefore invisible, only your dentist will be able to detect it before it darkens until it turns black.

xylitol strawberry

Oral bacteria also consume Xylitol. But unlike other sugars, they will not be able to turn it into acid (no fermentation) and will eventually die poisoned.

In fact, consuming Xylitol could reduce the number of bacteria in your mouth by 73% (1).

It also improves the production of saliva, which induces a decrease in bacteria while making the environment of your mouth more alkaline (reverse acid). All this helps preserve the enamel of your teeth by promoting its mineralization.

In the 1970s, scientists were able to prove that Xylitol could reduce caries by 30 to 80% (2).

Side effects or intolerances?In general, Xylitol is very well tolerated.
Scientists did not observe any adverse effects in people who consumed up to 1.5 kg per month, including days up to 430 g (3). It is therefore possible to envisage a long-term use without significant negative effect for health.
It can happen that in some people more prone to these disasters, it would cause diarrhea or gas. In fact, it is not recommended for people with irritable bowel syndrome.

Your toothbrush is contagious

In winter, as every year, contagion due to influenza viruses (or colds) spread quickly.

When you're sick, make sure your toothbrush does not come into contact with your family. As soon as you are healed, throw it away and use a new one to avoid any risk of relapse.

First visit of the children

The first visit to the dentist for children should be done around the age of three. Even if the collaboration is not at the rendezvous, we can advise you on the good habits to take and your child will thus be able to tame the dental team. If care were to be required later, it will not be his first encounter with us. Our goal is for every meeting to be positive for your toddlers!

Infodentist, the blog

Dentists and staff at the Gendron Delisle Dental Health Center in Trois-Rivières are pleased to announce the launch of their official blog ", le blog".

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Happy retirement Dr. André Marchand!

After 38 years of practicing dentistry in Trois-Rivières, Dr. André Marchand retired in December 2014.

The entire Gendron Delisle Dental Health Center team wishes him a very happy retirement!

From left to right: Véronique Dubé (dental hygienist), Sonia Gélinas (dental assistant), Suzie Corbin (dental hygienist), Dr. André Marchand (dentist), Valérie Vaugeois (dental assistant), Denise Verville-Marchand (secretary).

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Extension of the secretariat

Gendron Delisle Dental Health Center expands its secretariat
In order to better serve you, we will add a third post at the reception.

In order to integrate it, we redesigned the layout of the workstations in order to optimize the space and make the area more functional for the secretaries.

Thanks to this redesign of the premises, there are now three receptionists who will be able to welcome you instead of two.

The construction period will run from Thursday 16th until Tuesday 28th October.

On this occasion, and exceptionally, the entrance to the Gendron Delisle Dental Health Center will no longer be on the front (side of the Forges), but by the back door (parking side).

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