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scan 3D (Cone Beam)

3D scan - Cephalometric and panoramic X-ray

By offering the implantology service to our clinic, the acquisition of a 3D scan (Cone Beam) was essential. This type of imaging allows us to appreciate, in three dimensions, the volume, quality and density of the bone prior to any implant surgery.

This diagnostic tool also serves us in other disciplines, such as for evaluation of wisdom teeth or as part of a root canal that may be more complex than expected.

Numeric 2D and 3D Radiography

Dentists use dental x-rays to make a better diagnosis of your oral health.This allows us to keep the images taken in your computerized patient record.

In addition, digital radiography offers the following advantages:

  • Reduction of radiation exposure by 90% compared to conventional radiographs:
  • Instant result so less waiting for you;
  • Protection of the environment through the elimination of toxic solutions from the traditional development process;
  • Reducing delays by sending out X-rays to insurance companies, dentists and other healthcare professionals;
  • The image reworked by computer in terms of contrasts and brightness allows better control and often avoids having to resume a less clear radiography.