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Our patients' health and well-being is our primary concern.


The history of our dental clinic began in Trois-Rivières in 1978 when Drs. Mark Bonner and Jacques Chaîné opened a Dental Health Center at Polyclinique de Trois-Rivières.

Dr. Reynald Lupien completed this team in 1981. After the departure of Dr. Mark Bonner and Dr. Jacques Chaîné, Dr. Mario Gendron joined the staff of the Dental Clinic, which became the Lupien Gendron Dental Health Center.

After 34 years of a flourishing career, Dr. Reynald Lupien handed over the torch to Dr. Martin Delisle who joined the dentists team in 2006. After his retirement, the clinic became known as the Mario Gendron Dental Health Center.

In November 2012, Dr. Gendron and Dr. Delisle decided to move the Mario Gendron Dental Health Center to more functional locations. The acquisition of Dr. André Marchand's clinic, located on Des Forges Boulevard, responded to this need. From this change came the incorporation known as the Gendron Delisle Dental Health Center Inc. or, for short, C.S.D. Gendron Delisle.

Subsequently, the year 2013 was marked by the launch of the brand new website More functional than before, in the colors of the recognizable logo, it now allowed patients to:

  • make appointments online,
  • find sound advice on dental care,
  • learn about the latest news from the Gendron Delisle Dental Health Center.
In December 2014, Dr. André Marchand retired and passed the baton to Dr. Marie-Christine Lemire who had joined the team a few months earlier. Thus, 3 dentists became available for the dental care of the trifluviens.

Then, in 2015, the Gendron Delisle Dental Health Center, always at the forefront of technology and anxious to offer a good touch of friendliness and proximity to his patients, made his entry on social networks. The 3 dentists became available on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

In February 2016, the Gendron Delisle Dental Health Center created its blog "Infodentist, the blog" and began publishing its first informative articles on oral health. The first topic was unpublished as it titillated the taste buds with chocolate.

The team

At the Gendron Delisle Dental Health Center in Trois-Rivières, our dentists and their team are committed to providing quality dental services that meet the diverse needs of our patients. 

From treatments to toddlers, teens, adults and seniors, our wide range of dental care ensures proper follow-up. 

From basic care to complete rehabilitation, rest assured that your needs will be met.

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