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Dr Mario Gendron

Dr. Mario Gendron completed his studies in dentistry at Laval University in 1991. He acquired part of the company in 1994 and became the sole owner in 2005. Dr. Martin Delisle was joined him in 2006 to create the Gendron Delisle Dental Health Center.

Since his beginnings as a dentist, Dr. Gendron has always been keen to perfect his knowledge by regularly attending professional training. During the last years, ceramic restorations, orthodontics (classical and Invisalign) and implantology have occupied most of his continuous education time.

Since 2009, Dr. Gendron has devoted time to teaching at the International Dental Institute. He is also involved in the Board of Directors of the Société dentaire de la Mauricie.

Dr Martin Delisle

Dr. Delisle completed his dental education in 2004 at Laval University. In 2006, he joined the team to succeed Dr. Lupien, who left for retirement in 2007. Dr. Delisle has a general practice of providing diverse and tailored care to clients in all age groups. ages. Its user-friendly approach and professionalism contribute to creating a climate of trust very appreciated by its customers.

Always keen to stay on the cutting edge, Dr. Delisle is particularly interested in implantology (restoration component) and ceramic dental restorations.

Active on the executive committee of the Dental Society of Mauricie, Dr. Delisle is involved in the continuing education offered to the confreres of the region.

Dr Marie-Christine Lemire

Dr. Lemire graduated from Université Laval in 2003 with a degree in dental medicine. She worked for several years with another team in the region and decided to join the Gendron Delisle Dental Health Center in January. latest. She will be there to take over from Dr. Marchand when she retires.

Dr. Lemire practices a general dentistry oriented particularly towards the orthodontics and gives a particular attention to your little ones.
His endearing and professional personality will put you in confidence in the care that your condition requires.

Clotilde Auber - Administrative Director

Clotilde joined our team in early spring 2012. She had a big challenge: replacing Pierrette Fortin, who had been the administrative assistant at the dental clinic for more than 30 years. Clotilde has great experience in the business world. His expertise, his tenacity and his rigor at work will be definite assets for the new projects that are emerging at the clinic.

Karine Beaulieu - treatment coordinator

A treatment coordinator at Centre de santé dentaire Gendron Delisle, Karine  will welcome you on your first visit to the clinic. His smile and great listening will allow you to reconnect with the general dentistry care giving you the comfort and confidence sought.

Graduate at the Cégep de Trois-Rivières in dental hygiene in 2008, Karine is passionate about global health. Through many ongoing training courses in Quebec and the United States, his knowledge helps give clinical patients the best care and the best advice for your dental health.

Josée Paquette - Administrative Assistant

Josée joined our team in the fall of 2014 as dental secretary.
His smile and his contagious good humor quickly won over his colleagues.
Her sense of responsibility, versatility, availability and discretion allowed her to become an Administrative Assistant, becoming an important asset to the Gendron Delisle Dental Health Center.

Suzie Despars - Dental Secretary

Suzie completed a dental secretarial course in Montreal in 1988 and has been working in this field since 1989. She joined the team of Dr. Lupien (dentist) in 2002 to then continue the adventure of the dental clinic with the team of Dr. Delisle (dentist owner). Since 2006, she shares with Diane et Alycia the tasks of dental secretarial and reception, always anxious to serve the clientele well.



France Mercier - Dental secretary

France has been working in the dental field for over 30 years. She has been a dental assistant for several years and is now secretary-receptionist since 1994 in the team of Dr. Gendron (dentist owner). His extensive experience in the dental field makes him an important pillar within the dental clinic.

France favors human contact, which allows it to quickly establish a relationship of trust with patients. Always very professional, France knows how to relax the atmosphere with its legendary sense of humor.

Yolande Roy - Dental Hygienist

Originally from the bottom of the river, Yolande settled in Trois-Rivières with the intention of acquiring a diploma in dental hygiene, which she obtained in 1989. She also celebrated in 2013 her 20 years of practice. within our team. In recent years, Yolande has followed several trainings, among others in operative dentistry, thus making her very versatile.

Professional, passionate and full of energy, Yolande has been able to be appreciated by patients with whom she has built bonds of trust.

Marie-Josée Maurais - Dental Hygienist

Marie-Josée has been a dental hygienist for over 20 years. She enthusiastically joined our team in 2002.

Quiet and calm, Marie-Josée has always been concerned to meet the needs of the people she serves by giving them the best care with confidence. Professionalism, perfectionism and integrity are his values ??in this profession, becoming an example for his colleagues.

Josée Bournival - dental hygienist

Josée graduated from Cégep de Trois-Rivières in 2001. Her thirst for knowledge allows her to accumulate many hours of continuing education annually to keep her knowledge up to date. She has developed her skills in all fields of practice related to the field of dental hygienists. it is therefore possible to see it in prevention, in operative dentistry or in orthodontics.

Josée is in charge of the orthodontic department of Dr. Marie-Christine Lemire.

Marie Tessier - dental hygienist

A dental hygienist for more than 20 years, Marie has been able to update her knowledge over the years and thus continue her mission of always: to give the best dental care to her patients.

She joined our dynamic team in September 2017 and was able to quickly build relationships with her patients. So by knowing his patients well, it allowed him to meet their specific needs.

In addition to his thoroughness and the quality of his dental care, which is highly appreciated, his colleagues and patients particularly appreciate his good humor and his hard work

Maryse Lessard - dental hygienist

Dental hygienist of experience, strong of her many continuous and updated trainings, Maryse puts all her art in dental care at your service. Having completed a certificate in teaching, she also acquired communication skills. In addition, with a good knowledge of orthodontics, Maryse is responsible for the orthodontic department of Dr. Mario Gendron. His meticulousness and his concern for a job well done, his attentive listening and his sense of communication, will ensure quality dental care to meet your requirements.

Chantal Normand - Dental Hygienist

Chantal obtained her dental hygiene diploma in 1978 and joined the clinic in 1980. Over the years, she has acquired a certificate in vocational education and various other training including orthodontics at the International Dental Institute. The acquisition of many skills in the dental field allowed him to devote time to teaching for several years for the training of dental secretaries.
Today, she is responsible for the orthodontic department of Dr. Gendron (dentist owner) and ensures the smooth running of orthodontic treatments for our patients.
Chantal's dedication to the cause of dentistry is recognized. His pleasant and professional approach is still an example for his colleagues and is greatly appreciated by patients.

Chantal retired in March 2016.

Josée Parent - Dental Assistant

Josée graduated since 1983 in dental assistance. She is very attentive to people and loves to go beyond personal and professional life.

At the clinic since 1996, she had the opportunity to attend several courses, among others in implantology and orthodontics, disciplines she particularly likes. In addition, Josée has been working for several years on the inventory of dental materials, ensuring that the entire team can offer quality dentistry to patients in our clinic.

Danielle Cloutier - Dental Assistant

Danielle completed her training in dental assistance at the Fierbourg Vocational Training Center in Charlesbourg in 2005. Since then, she has been working on the team of Dr. Delisle (dentist owner). His tasks are to assist him but also to collaborate with the team of Dr. Gendron (dentist owner) for the implantology department. Always listening to patients, Danielle ensures their well-being to reassure them during oral treatments and make their visit as pleasant as possible.

Valérie Vaugeois - Dental Assistant

Valérie completed her dental assistant training in Trois-Rivières in 2009. She is smiling, hardworking and professional. She has a great listener and will answer your questions and thus inform you well about your treatments. She has been working with Dr. Marchand (dentist) for five years and since 2014 she has been assisting Dr. Lemire (dentist) for all dental care as well as Suzie Corbin (dental hygienist) for orthodontic treatments.

Sonia Gélinas - Dental Assistant

Sonia graduated in 2011. She then joined the Merchant team. She is pleased to share the dental assisting task with the teams of Dr. Mario Gendron (dentist owner) and Dr. Marie-Christine Lemire (dentist). Sonia also performs several lab work, including partial dentures. She likes to take on new challenges.

Passionate about her work, attentive and attentive to people, she will accompany you during your care while ensuring your comfort. To see you again with a smile is a pleasure.

Louise Ouellet - Dental Assistant

Louise has more than 38 years in the dental field. Very open-minded and eager for knowledge, she had the opportunity to attend many training courses throughout her career, making her very versatile and efficient. Her friendly and warm-hearted approach, her sense of humor and her empathy make her a very much appreciated by patients and colleagues. His priority: take care of the patient, put him at ease and reassure him!